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Lotus Necklace
Lotus Necklace

Lotus Necklace

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Lotus is one of the most beautiful flowers, which can grow only in the mud and whose petals open one by one.

While the roots of the lotus grow in the mud, the flower itself blossoms and rises above the water. 

Buddhists see it as a beautiful metaphor for our life: Mud represents the suffering and obstacles of life, and the lotus flower symbolizes our journey of overcoming these obstacles.

A symbol of purity, enlightenment and self-regeneration.

This disc measures 9.5mm round.


All components of the necklace is made of either 14kt gold filled, 14kt rose-gold filled, or 0.925 sterling silver, depending on your selection. The 14kt gold filled and 14kt rose-gold filled come in a shiny/mirror finish and the 0.925 sterling silver come in a brushed/satin finish. The chain is a delicate flat cable chain that gives a beautiful sparkle when it turns.

The chain length listed is from end-to-end including the clasp and pendant. If you want a length that is not listed, simply write it in the notes at checkout. The most popular chain length has been identified for each specific necklace, although the same length can fit differently on everyone, so it's best to take a measurement to get exactly the length you want.