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What materials do you use?

14kt gold filled, 14kt rose gold filled and 0.925 sterling silver. See ''What is gold filled?'' from the menu for detailed information.


Will my jewelry tarnish?

See ''What is gold filled?'' from the menu for detailed information.


What chain length should I choose?

Chain lengths fit differently on everybody, so it is best to take measurements of where you want your chain, to obtain exactly the right size for you. When you add an item to your cart, there is a length that has an *, this one is the most frequently ordered for the specific design of jewelry you are looking at. 

Necklace layering is a big trend right now, if you are thinking of getting a few necklaces to wear together, consider getting them at least 3 inches difference in length so they don't fall on top of each other.


Can I purchase a bar or a disc alone to add to my necklace when I have another child?

Certainly. See the ''Add-ons'' section to make your purchase.


Can I write something on both sides of the pendant?

Unfortunately no, because the stamping of the letter leaves a slight impression on the other side of the pendant.


How do I choose a font?

See the pictures of each specific product for a description of the fonts and designs available.


What is considered vertical and horizontal alignment?