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Extra Blake Bracelet Ring
Extra Blake Bracelet Ring

Extra Blake Bracelet Ring

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This listing is for adding rings to your Blake bracelet order or to a Blake bracelet you already have if there is a new addition to the family maybe. Each ring can contain a maximum of 10 characters.

Each ring measures 4.5mm x 25mm and can contain a maximum of 8-10 characters. The ring is made of 0.925 sterling silver, depending on your selection. They all come in a satin finish. 

• The names/text you want on each ring.
• Your font preference.
• Your alignment preference (text aligned vertically or horizontally).
(If your preferences are not indicated, I will carefully choose for you)

*Not every name fits the same on the pendants, the names that contain a ''y'' and a ''d'' like Jayden for example, will need to be aligned differently for the letters to fit on the pendant. I might have to select different alignement or font for the name to fit on the pendant. As each piece is stamped by hand just for you, slight differences between necklaces are to be expected such as spacing, and alignment.